Connecting Two LANs (each with different ISPs)

Connecting two Local Area Networks each with different ISPs together is rather straightforward and simple.



Fig1. Two LAN each with different ISP is connected by a crossover cable from router1 to router2.

 Router1 setup:


Client/LAN  IP range:

Router2 setup:


Client/LAN  IP range:

Configuring each Routers’ IP range for clients that will be connected to it is necessary to avoid conflicts, whether you are giving client computers static IP addresses or DHCP.

Clients setup:

IP: Static or Obtain dynamically from Router

Subnet: LAN1 and LAN2 are the same, depending on how huge is the network

Gateway: Either of the two routers. For this example: or

Workgroup: to your choosing

Test your connectivity by pinging other computers.

Test your LAN Speed.


2 comments on “Connecting Two LANs (each with different ISPs)

  1. Sir, do I have to manually configure the clients? or I’ll just leave it to autoconfig thier IPs and Gateways?

  2. Autoconfig will do.

    Sorry for the late reply..

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