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Monitor Files and Folders with Folder Eye

Sometime ago I created FolderEye to make patching applications and games faster. The idea is to patch a single client, get what files and folders affected by the patch, and distribute to the rest of the LAN clients. This way, the patch is being distributed locally and not outside of WAN, thus being faster, at LAN speed.

The function of this program is now part of a bigger project, and I would like to share it to others whatever purposes they might find this useful.

Folder Eye (FE) is specially designed for internet cafe’s or business offices with DeepFreeze Enterprise(DF Ent) installed on their client machines. FE with DF Ent makes patching games and other applications so much easier and faster without the need to visit each client.

DeepFreeze no doubt provides the ultimate protection in any IT environment, saving time and money for maintenance. But the hurdle most internet cafe faces is when patching games or applications. Thawing and Freezing each client when there’s a new update is time consuming. Even with DF Ent where you can centrally reboot machines in thawed state, you still need to visit each client to patch each applications.

Some workaround is to leave a partition unfrozen and place all games and applications in there, and freeze only the drive where the OS resides. But this workaround leaves a hole in your security as viruses can still infect files inside this thawed drive and can stay there undetected for some time until you or your Antivirus software release an update to detect it. Viruses such as PE injectors can cause heavy damage to your executable files and it might be already too late when you have found it. The best way is to freeze the whole system. Especially now that new versions of DF Ent can already prevent viruses from injecting into MBR (master boot record). So how about installing updates on your programs?

FE offers the solution for these kinds of setup. It works perfectly with DeepFreeze Enterprise. Patching or updating has never been so easy now!

>Here’s how simple FE works:

It listens to the game folder for any events triggered by the patch/update keeping eye on files deleted, created, or modified. It then copy these affected files(not the whole game folder) to a network share and generate a script corresponding to what the patch did.  DF Ent Console can now schedule an embedded event to restart all clients in thawed state (or maintenance mode) and patch every  client at the same time. Since these patch files are in a network share within your LAN, patching each clients are done in full LAN speed.

The only thing IT administrator has to do is to sit in the computer running DeepFreeze console and run this commands. He is free to do anything else while all clients are being automatically patched.


1. DeepFreeze Enterprise installed on all clients.

2. A network share or folder that is accessible from all clients.

3. Optional: For workgroups with more than 10 or 20 clients.  Windows Server OS(2003 or 2008), or Linux with Samba as a host for the network share or folder. This is to overcome the max concurrent connections to the shared folder. Windows XP = 10 max, Windows 7 = 20 max. This applies to workgroups with more than 10 or 20 members.

-TIP: Install Windows Server 2003 on a Virtual Machine inside your current desktop version OS, and create a network share there.

Recommended iCafe / Office setup:

1. Games and applications’ folder structure is identical among all clients. Ex: HON game path in all clients is C:\Program Files\GarenaHON

2. All clients has the same user account name and password if there’s any.


1. Does not monitor registry entries of the update.

Watch the youtube links below and download FolderEye here.

Video 1:  Folder Eye – Introduction

Video 2:  Folder Eye – In Action

Video 3:  Folder Eye – Overview with DeepFreeze


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