PfSense 2.3 CSS Themes

PfSense 2.3 CSS Themes

Using color schemes from http://www.awwwards.com Using Brandts and Namale Download pfSense-brandts.css Download pfSense.namale.css If you like other color schemes from awwwards.com message me. Kind regards, Advertisements

pfSense Captive Portal Print Unused Voucher

Hi, I am having unused vouchers under Status: Captive portal: Voucher Rolls: Zone. I am not sure where these vouchers went but I could either expire them all or just print them again. Here’s what I did: Download these two files below. services_captiveportal_vouchers_print.php status_captiveportal_voucher_rolls.php   Note: Applied on PF 2.2.4 release. You can check which […]

PfSense as Wi-Fi Hotspot Controller – Video update

Hello! As an update to my first post: PfSense as Wi-Fi Hotspot¬†Controller here’s the video showing what I’ve done so far. I’ve done little as we are preoccupied installing CPEs and APs. But this is promising and useful for monitoring the network. This is still far from being a production release, but let me keep […]

PfSense as Wi-Fi Hotspot Controller

A Province-wide WiFi¬† is being cooked as I’m writing this and I am in need of a vendor-independent controller for all the access points we are going to install. There will be a mix of vendors such as UBNT and OpenMesh for this project, and while each of them offers a “free” controller, I still […]

Monitor Files and Folders with Folder Eye

Sometime ago I created FolderEye to make patching applications and games faster. The idea is to patch a single client, get what files and folders affected by the patch, and distribute to the rest of the LAN clients. This way, the patch is being distributed locally and not outside of WAN, thus being faster, at […]

Cut the Crap Method – by alien_genius

Below is a paper made by my good friend alien_genius. You are always in my thoughts, and thanks for everything.   The Cut The Crap Method A quick way to detect and remove fiction, disinformation and lies by alien_genius   Introduction In the information age, it has become increasingly difficult to process the large amounts […]

Best Way To Protect Your Files From Being Copied

Couple of years ago I made this piece of software that protects my i-cafe from thieves who copies data from my cafe. Are you annoyed with people, especially competitors, that will copy your hard-earned updated games, software, and other data? Well, I am. Like I was, you probably are thinking on how to stop them. […]